Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why am i MIA!?

Hi everyone.. i know i am MIA after my first post.I am sooooo sorry for that guys..i am really caught up with some orders and other stuff that i am unable to write any posts right now and i don't want to write any random useless post just to keep my blog once all that stuff gets sorted out i will start posting here.i promise you all that after monday i will post regularly.hope you all understand  :-)


Monday, February 14, 2011

My introduction & My first post!

Hi everyone,
Welcome to my blog :-) Happy Valentines Day <3  On this 'Love day' i decided to start my blog.My name is Sireesha and i am an aspiring makeup artist.I am a typical middle class indian girl and was always in to artsy and creative stuff right from my childhood and as i grew older i developed a keen interest on makeup.But i never knew what the exact destination of my life was due to lack of information and exposure to real deal world.I always used to think that there is no life beyond MBBS,IT,Engineering and many such academic career oriented courses of which we get a daily dose right from our pre-school days.None of them were my cup of tea! These were like 'boundaries' and even now majority of the people in our society think that "one who crosses those 'boundaries' can't lead a respectful and secure life". I used to get frustrated with all the pressure put on me.So i almost decided that my life can't go beyond those 'boundaries'.

But one fine day my dad decided to get internet connection and that was like a kick start to all my fascinations and dreams.I discovered youtube and satrted watching all the awesome makeup tutorials by various people.One day i saw a video by "marlena" of "" whose title was "how to become a makeup artist".That video was the turning point of my life! It was after seeing that video that i realised there is this thing named 'makeup artistry' existed in this world!! After reading the title of that precious video i realised that my destination was "makeup" and i wanted to become a 'makeup artist'!

Since i live in a small town and could't afford to go to a city and join a makeup school i decided to learn it on my own through the internet resources.I watched thousands of videos and read hundreds of blogs and gained knowledge about the subject.After that i wanted to start my own freelance work.This is where the main problem popped up! I wanted to buy affordable material for my starter kit and there was neither an indian website selling such stuff nor a single indian makeup artist who threw light on this subject and explain how they got started without spending a bomb on makeup schools and expensive material!! After a lot of research the only option i was left with is to apply for a credit card and buy from international wholesale websites.So i thought i should help girls like me out there with whatever i know and whatever is working out for me.Hence this blog was born.

Here in this blog i am going to take you all along with me on my journey to become a freelance makeup artist and share all the tips,tricks,ideas,sources for material,products useful for the kit,getting started and more.Hope this helps all the aspiring makeup artists out there.Thank you so much for stopping by and i hope that you all will bless,love and support me. :-)

*i am new to blogging so i will try my best to improve the elements and appearance of this blog as soon as i can.

Siri :-)

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