Saturday, September 17, 2011

Coastal Scents Mineral Eyeshadow "Touched" Swatches and Review.

Hi girls :)

Today i'm going to review Coastal scents Mineral eyeshadow in "Touched".'ll know why i wrote that ;D

Price: price of sample: $0.95 = INR 45 approximately., Price of full size: $7.95 = INR 376 approximately.I got this sample free with my order :)

Available at:

Finish/Formula: Pearl/soft shimmer.

Packaging: It comes in a teeny tiny plastic jar which is always such a pain in the #$$ to open! Please CS! change this packaging!

Size comparision with a 50 paise coin.

Colour description: It is a beautiful light lavender colour with pink pearl/micro shimmer which gives a soft duochrome effect.


General thoughts: This is a loose mineral eyeshadow which means that you need to have patience and practise to work with it.And now, this particular eyeshadow,demands both of these quite strongly! Because,It is quite sheer and will not show up unless you use a heavy base that grabs it and intensifies it.It does not adhere well to the skin when used without a sticky base.It's staying power is also based on the 'base' you are going to use.If you use a lighter non sticky/creamy base then it won't last longer than an hour and if you use a heavier sticky/creamy base then it's lasting power can be increased up to 5 hours or more.

Final thoughts: This shadow did not touch my touched only my eyes by it's beautiful colour(This explains what i wrote on the picture :D).If you are someone who lacks patience, then stay away from this one and if you have loads of it,then happily go ahead and buy this.But i personally would buy this again mainly because of the beautiful colour and also i think i do have a bit of patience to work with it. :P :D

Rating: 6/10

Swatches:  The first pic shows you the soft pink duochrome effect and the second one shows you the true intensity of the colour.It was so difficult to capture both of them in one pic.

Left: With creamy concealer as a base, Right: Without any base or primer.

I hope this swatches and review were helpful :)

And lo.. here is a look in which i used this eyeshadow as an allover lid colour..



  1. This looks soooper gorgeous Siri!! <3 <3

  2. i have a lot of these tiny samples as i keep ordering from CS often.... the packaging is a lil difficult to work with ...but it contains good amount of product, which can last for atleast 7-8 times of eye makeup easily...n since its free i dont mind d packaging much :P

  3. @calicoaster: Yes cali..i like the colour a loott <3

    @Nupur: Haha..:P :D but the samples we buy have the same packaging too toh bummer hua na! that's why i mentioned it :)

  4. This color is so tempting. But yes, all mineral cosmetics have this same problem. They are so difficult to pack on the lids :(
    Waiting for the hot eye look ideas now

  5. @Rajesh Singh: :)) :*

    @Nivedita: I agree nivedita..but this one is even more difficult to work with than others which i've tried! I already used this in a look..wait..let me add the pic of that eyemakeup :)

  6. oh d colour looks super when used with a proper base. . .

  7. @rids: Yes rids..The pic is not doing any justice to this gorgeous shade.I looove the pink duochrome it shows when the light hits. <3 :)

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