Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review & Swatches: Coastal Scents Mirage Palette

Hello everyone :-)

So today i am reviewing coastal scents palette "mirage" which was a new addition to the coastal scent's palette family.

Price: 24.95$ which is nearly INR 1,108(without shipping)

No.of shadows: 88.

Category: Neutral.
Finish/formula: Various.

Available at:

  I don't know why i chose this palette instead of all the other colouful ones! I loooove bright colours like crazy and this one falls more on the "neutral" side.It looks quite colourful in the video which is embedded on that page and those colourful looks decieved me! Anywayz..I bought it and nothing can be done instead of ranting endlessly let me come back to the review.The palette contains a LOT of neutral colours..Majority of them are browns(shimmery,satin,matte,metallic,dark,light,warm and cool),dark greens,some oranges,2-3 pinks,2 blues,2 blacks,2 grays,1 silver,1 pewter and some highlights thrown in.There are 3-4 pretty duochrome colours which are my favs out of the whole palette.Pigmentation of this palette is based on the finish of the eyeshadow..Mattes are the least pigmented of the lot while the shimmer and metalllic shades are superbly pigmented! <3 Finally, if you like to wear a lot of neutrals this palette is surely going to be your favourite one.

       * 88 shadows in one single palette.Mostly neutrals.So great for everyday and simple muted looks.
       *Metallic and shimmer shades are so pretty and superbly pigmented.
       *Great price.
       *Awesome palette for beginners who want to experiment with a lot of looks.

No likey:
       *Lack of  bright colours(okay.. this is just my own problem.. :P this may not be a problem at all if
          you are looking for a "all neutral" kind of palette)
       *Lack of pigmentation in matte colours.some colours just refuse to show up even if i overload my
          brush with the shadow! black is one of them!! :/

Rating: 6.5/10


I divided the palette in to 4 main parts (see pic) and swatched each part seperately (2 rows at a time)

1st part:

First two rows:

Second two rows:

2nd part:

First two rows:

Second two rows:

3rd part:

First two rows:

Second two rows:

4th part:

First two rows:

 second two rows:

Hope this review helped :-) If you have anymore questions please comment below :-))


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Guide To Shop At & My Experience(pic heavy)

Hi everyone.. :-)

I am sooo sorry for the delay in posting this.I was soooo tiered with too much travelling last week and i took a much needed break to give some rest to my body which was aching like hell! I am back to my normal self now.. :-))  so let's move on to the topic..

WARNING: This post is super duper long! :P

 Today i am going to share all the details about my shopping experience from is a website which sells so many high end brand and even some drug store brand cosmetics at discount prices.They sell some of the discontinued/limited edition items too but at much higher price. I heard great reviews about this website through youtube videos and various blogs.I did my research to know how genuine it is and i was so happy that i didn't find even one negative review about it.So i went ahead and bought myself  5 MAC items(4 brushes and one lipglass).I was fully satisfied with my order.packaging was neat and items reached to this small Indian town in perfect condition.

I was a quite confused at first about the item's availability,shipping options,charges and etc.,etc., So now that i've ordered thrice from there i wanted to share with you all what i've learnt from my experience and a guide on how to shop there through a step by step picture guide..


1) This is how top of the home page looks..everyday they display different products from the store here.

* On the left side you will find the list of brands which they sell.Let us select cinique.

* After selecting clinique,a page containing all the products from clinique opens.

* Here is another example which has different options before opening the items page.In this i am selecting MAC to show you how it looks.

* This is how the various categories look like.. you are more likely to see this option when there are huge variety of items avilable under a brand.It will be so difficult otherwise to browse through the whole mess of all kinds of items.

So this is what pages of all the brands which are listed looks like.there are some extra options which i am gonna discuss below..

3)This is "Misc brands" option.You can find many items from mixed brands which are not in the main list.Here is how it looks..there are both high end and drugstore brands scattered here..

4)Next comes "Factory blems(irregulars)" option.Here you can find products which have defects in their packaging such as wrong labelling/naming,lack of proper numbering,missing shade names,missing sticker,unboxed and etc.,etc.,while the product itself will be in perfect condition.Due to these blems/defects they are priced much lower when compared to their perfect counterparts.They try to describe the shade and if possible formula of each item which have no proper shade name or formula written on them.

5) Next is "Clearance sale" option where some of the items from the store are put for sale.they will have lower prices.

6)Finally there is "Sold Out" option where they list all the sold out items which will not be available for purchase until they restock them.Not sure if some of the 'discontinued' sold out items will be available afterwards. 

Till now we saw layout of the site(which is pretty clean and simple.I like it..because it makes the browsing easier).Now let us see how other things work..

Shopping cart:

7)You really cannot just see the item and decide to buy that.Because most of the times you won't know if the item is available or not until you add it to the cart! let us imagine that you found an item that you badly wanted since get super delighted and want to add it to the shopping cart and buy it right away.You press the "Add To Cart" button.If you are lucky that item will get added to your shopping cart and if not u'll find this instead: "so and so item is not currently available.please contanct us for the availability of this item"!! So you never know it until you add feels so frustrating if many of the items we wanted are visible but not really available! This is the only thing i hated on this website.see the pics to understand exactly what i said.

But in the above case you can have a hope of that item getting back in stock when it is not available but still visible for a long time.If it is not visible then leave the hope of finding it again anytime soon.If the item is sold out and may take a long time to get back in stock you will find this kind of note:

TIP: when you find an item that you badly want to buy and it is available then buy it almost like ASAP without wasting time.Because thousands of poeple access that site from allover the world every minute and that item may go in to somebody else's shopping cart within seconds,minutes or hours.You never know.The risk of losing that item is increases with every passing second.If you are not that mad about that item then no problem.. But if you are then don't delay.

Checkout & Shipping:

8)Next let us see how checkout options and shipping rates work..You can pay directly from credit card or through paypal.To choose the shipping option first you have to select the checkout option.Then you will see another page which shows the address form and checkout options. you can see the shipping charges after selecting your country and choosing the international shipping options available.

It shows three intl shipping options: 

a)"USPS first class international(not available to brazil,spain turkey)": Though It says that it is not available for the 3 mentioned countries it is not available for india too!

b)"USPS priority mail international": This is the only cheapest option available(which is not so cheap!).it takes just a li'l bit longer for the items to reach you if you choose this.You have to pay a minimum of 16$ even if you buy a product worth 1.99$!!! It keeps on adding extra 6$ everytime when the weight of certain number of  products crosses a certain limit.I placed my third order yesterday and chose this shipping option..let us see what happens.

c)"USPS express mail international": This is the most expensive shipping option available.Minimum charge is 32$.I placed my order twice using this shipping option fearing that if i choose other options my items will never reach me!(stupid me!! i wasted so much on shipping itself).The items reach you within 5-10 days depending on where you live.If the weight crosses certain limit you have to pay extra 16$ which makes it a whopping 48$!!!!!! In the second pic i have added some extra items to show you how the shipping price increases..

Since they do not display neither the shipping options in that page nor the weight of the products it becomes very difficult to know when the shipping prices get increased.So to avaoid that confusion here is the tip...

TIP: As soon as you add your first item in the shopping cart press "Checkout" and you will be taken to the next page where you will see an address form and shipping options.Fill it up,Select your country,then choose the shipping option and press "Apply".shipping charges get applied.Now go back to you shopping cart(press 'back' button of you browser twice) and you will find the shipping rate displayed under the 'Sub total' part of the shopping cart.You can continue adding items without worry now :-)

After choosing the shipping options you should press "continue" to make the payment.It will ask you to enter your credit card details.This is where you have a chance to check and review your address and order finally.After entering the card details you will have to confirm order and your order will get will recieve an E-mail thanking you for your order.


Gift with purchase: And last but not least they have this "gift with purchase" option.If you spend $40 or more you will recieve a free gift(you can not choose)!! How cool is that! i recieved free gifts both the times i ordered from there.. first i recieved a "Lancome Le Lipstique lip colouring stick" and second time i recieved "Loreal bare naturale gentle lip conditioner" and a sample of "Scott barnes body bling".

Final Verdict: Overall this is a lovely and versatile website.I know that there will be some confusion at first but once you get a hang of it then it is a breeze to shop here.I highly recommend shopping from here.Because you will find many brands which we don't get in India that too at discount prices.Shipping did not bother me a lot because i live in a very small town and it would cost me the same if i travel to the nearest city to buy makeup and i think that shipping shouldn't bother much to anyone because most people will buy items from hard to access brands(don't forget discount prices).

Rating: 4.5/5 (0.5 reduced for increasing shipping rates to whopping amounts when weight crosses certain limit)

So this was my guide on how to shop on this website.Hope this helped. :-) If you have any more questions let me know.. :-))


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