Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Somebody Pinch Me!!!

Somebody pinch me i dreaming? or hallucinating?? i couldn't believe that i just clicked a pic of my brand new cam and showing it to ya'll!!!! so plzzzzzzzzz somebody  pinch me!!!!!!!

Love you daddy <3 :)

P.S: Click HERE to see the eco-friendly 'greeting tin' that i made for my hubby. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

My New Journey Has Just begun..

Yes fellas..I'm venturing out on a BRAND NEW JOURNEY through my BRAND NEW BLOG! (Which Many of you would've already visited through THIS post.) I decided to GO GREEN AND CLEAN with my makeup,skin care,hair care and almost all the routines of my life not just for myself but also for.....................Want to know why i took this step? Click HERE

I will no longer post any reviews of products here on this blog.However, i'll be posting looks till i use up all the conventional makeup items left.

NOTE: My dream of becoming a makeup artist will never die.No matter how long it will take i'll wait until i find something which meets all of my new standards.

I hope all my lovely readers will support me and accompany me on my new journey.See y'all over there :)

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