Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Summer Besties and More Blog Awards! :-)

Hi everyone :-)

I was tagged for "My Summer Besties" by lovely  Rekha of makeupnbeautyreview :-) 

So here goes the list of my Summer Besties:

Makeup besties:

1) Coastal scents mineral foundation:  I bought the sample pack of coastal scents exotic skin mineral foundation and i used it many times during summer months.It gives a natural matte finish it saved me from the woes of a liquid foundation because my skin is an oil factory during such hot months.I use three of them for different purposes..will talk about that in another post.

2) Ben nye rouge in "coral" and La femme blush in "cinnabar":  These have been my go to blushes this summer.The ben nye blush is lighter and a bit pinker than what it is appearing like in the pic.

3)Nivea fruity shine lip balm in "Pink guava" and Avon dew kiss sparkles lip tint in "Red sparkles","Glittery fuschia" and "Slittering nude":  I do not use lipsticks that much.So these tinted lip balms are my all time besties.

3) Shahnaz hussain's kajal:  This is the kajal i use regularly.Nothing special about it..just using it to finish it up.

Skin care besties:

1) Lotus kiwi and grapes revitalising skin polisher:  This has been my bestest summer bestie.It helped immensly in controlling the oils and made my skin amooth and poreless.

2) Oriflame swedish spa rebalancing face serum:  As i said earlier my skin is an oil factory during summers. So i use this serum which is light and non greasy.

3) Oriflame tea tree purifying oil:  I use this wonderful oil all the time to control my breakouts.It really works!

Hair care bestie:

Lotus amlapura shampoo:  I used this shampoo mostly and i skip conditioner in summers.

So these were my summer besties and i tag whoever is reading this :D

Blog awards

Coming to blog awards i recieved four more blog awards!!! OMG! Am i happy dancing!! :D ThanQQQ rids! you are so sweet :-) :* please check out and subscribe to rid's lovely blog HERE

I already did my 7 random things and questions HERE

I  think almost all the bloggers have been awarded these by now.So i'm not passing it on to anyone.

PS:I am planning to do a sale on Facebook.So if you wanna check it out then add me HERE


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pink and Blue-Green Eye Makeup(Requested)

Hello friends :-)

Today i am doing a makeup look which was requested by Akshima misra.She posted this reference photo on facebook:

So here goes the step by step instructions on how to do this..

Step 1: prime you lids using an eyeshadow primer/concealer/cream shadow.I used two of the coloured pencil shadows from avon.Light frosty pink as a base for pink shadow and a light frosty teal as a base for green shadow.I did this because i don't have the same exact colours..so if you have them then you can skip this step.

Step 2: Apply either a shimmery pink or a matte pink eyeshadow on the inner 1/4th of the lid and a shimmery blue based green or a matte blue based green on the rest of the lid.blend well where the two colours meet.

Step 3: apply a little compact/loose powder on your browbone and line you eyes with a black liquid/gel eyeliner.Do not wing the line out.Finish up with just one or two coats of mascara.

Step 4: use a foundation which gives a dewy/natural  finish.Apply just a toucj of subtle rosy pink blush.I changed the lip colour a bit because the warm dark lip was clashing with the cool colours on the lid(you can see that lip colour in first pic below) So i opted for a cool toned pink lip liner topped with a sheer shimmery dark pink gloss.

Here is the finished look:

Products used:

  • Ben nye "Banana" visage poudre. 
  • Yaby liquid foundation in "Honey".
  • MAC pro longwear  concealer NC35 to cover minor blemishes.

  • Lafemme blush in "Indian rose"(left) and "pink"(right). I mixed both to get the desired colour.

  • Eve pearl salmon concealer to correct under eye circles.
  • MAC pro long wear concealer.Applied on top of eve pearl corrector.Finally i set it with ben nye banana powder.
  • Shadows from "Smokey palette" by coastal scents. No.1 on inner 1/4th, No.2 slishtly applied on top of No.1, No.3 on rest of the lid.
  • Avon simply pretty big eye pencil in "Rose" and "Emerald".
  • Ambika pillai liquid liner.
  • Avon super shock mascara.

  • Bourjois lip liner in "Rose precieux".
  • Avon simply pretty shiny liquid lipgloss sparkles in "Crimson sparkles".

Hope you liked the look akshima :-))


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One more blog award!!

Hello friends :-)

Today i was a not at all feeling well..had headache and mild fever.so i was weak and dull,but suddenly my mood was lifted and i was sooo happy! The credit goes to Ik (aka our beloved ikky,ikku and ogre :D) of Makeup monologues because she passed me the "One lovely blog" award!!! ThanQQQ soooo much ikky... You really made my day. Love ya loootttsss..  :-)) <3 :*

Ik is a wonderful girl who writes Makeup monologues and she has a canine brother named "Zorro".Go check them out and i promise that you'll never ever have another gloomy day in your life :-))


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yaby Pearl Paint Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

Hi friends :-)

Today i'm going to review yaby cosmetic's "pearl paint" eyeshadows which i bought from camerareadycosmetics.com 

Price: original price: 3.85$  each. (yabycosmetics.com does not ship to india!!)
          camerareadycoametics price: 3.99$  each. (camerareadycosmetics.com ships to india.Yayyy! :-))

Diameter: 15.5mm

About yaby cosmetics: yaby was developed by Toronto makeup artist, liz Yu, when she was searching for a solution to condensing her ever growing kit. after going through a number of DIY kit solutions, that eventually have to be replaced due to the limitations of easily sourced DIY materials, liz decided to create a more permanent and easily customized solution for all artists looking for an answer to their kits organization.

as a solution for make artists in all sectors of the industry, yaby carries palettes that provide convenience and highly customizable. each palette features built in stainless steel mixing palette, magnetic base, shock absorbing foam inserts with easy to clean surface, as well as the highly in demand freestyle palette. 

grippies and empties were created especially for the creative minds that love to condense. yaby's grippies are a life saver for depotted pans that just won't stick to magnetic palettes. these discs are made from the same materials as our pans, and will help make any aluminum pans usable with our palettes. empties are yaby's answer to the endless baggies of lipsticks and other cream products that do not require an airtight environment, saving space and time on the job, as well as security checks at the airports a breeze.

every year millions and millions of cosmetics containers are piling up in our landfills, as someone who is passionate in reducing everyday wastes, liz felt the need to spread the 'less waste' practice through yaby. every color that yaby carries comes as a refill, and can be used with our magnetic palettes. please join yaby in reusing our reclosable clam shell containers, that the colors come in, when preparing custom mixed colors to clients that will be leaving your care.

source: yabycosmetics.com visit their website to browse the whole range of products they have to offer.

I am really liking the concept of yaby.Hats off to liz :-)

To know more about liz and see her work,visit her website lizyu.com  

I went through all the yaby stuff that camerareadycosmetics.com has to offer and bought some liquid foundations,cream foundation palette and two of the pearl paint eyeshadow refills.Will review the foundations soon.

As mentioned by the company these refills are enclosed in a clam shell container which are reclosable.The packaging is really secure.I bought the refills of shades "Antique" and "Midnight blue".

They are really so tiny..and cute! <3 I compared the size with a 50 paise coin,MAC eyeshadow,2 different oriflame eyeshadows and 88 palette's shadows.

With a 50 paise coin.

Yaby at the centre and others are:
(Clockwise from top)
Oriflame visions eyeshadow "Lovely", Inglot AMC eyeshadow #64, MAC "espresso", Oriflame mono eyeshadow essentials eyeshadow "espresso"

With an eyeshadow in 88 metal mania palette from coastal scents.

"Antique" is a metallic dirty olive champagne colour.

Name and number on back of the pan.

Indoors(natural light)


"Midnight blue" is a frosty golden blue colour.It has a navy blue base with lots of gold and green pearl.

Indoors(natural light)

Indoors(natural light,different angle to show the blue in it)


    Here are the swatches:

    Left: with base, Right: without base(pics taken in sunlight)

    "Midnight blue"

    • The pigmentation and texture of these shadows are awesome.
    • These are buttery smooth,almost creamy to the touch. 
    • they blend like a dream.
    • You get the same results with and without base! Isn't that enough to tell how awesome these shadows are? <3 
    • The tiny size! Yes! That is what makes these shadows special and standout among others.Even if you are not an artist you can try zillions of vibrant and uncommon colours without worrying about how to finish them up. *A big thumbs up*
    • Price.It may seem a bit higher for the quantity but the quality is extraordinary,so it justifies the price.

    • Size.Yes the size(sometimes).Not for a professional but for the common consumer.If you want to buy a colour for regular everyday usage you may not want to consider getting these,as obviously, they are going to finish up pretty quick.So this is the only con with these little angels.

    Final thoughts: Ever wanted to try yellow,green,orange and such vibrant colours but were worried that you'd not be able to finish them up? Then yaby eyeshadows are your saviours.I am very impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows and higly recommend getting them.If you are a professional then these are a must have in your kit.

    Get these little angels at camerareadycosmetics.com They ship worlwide and international shipping charge starts from $6.89 and goes up to nearly $35 depending up on the shipping option you choose and also the weight of the total order.

    Hope this review was helpful. If you have any questions then comment below or feel free to mail me :-))


    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    My first ever Blog Award!! yaaayy!!!

    Hi friends :-)

    I'm sooo happy today.I recieved my very first blog award!! Thank you soooo much Rids Rekha and Pooja :-)) You all made me feel so soo sooo special <3 :*

    coming to the rules..

    The Rules:

    1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you:

     I thank Rids , Rekha and Pooja for the award :-))

    2. Share 7 Random things about yourself:

    Here are some random things about me:

    1) I loooove bows, barbie dolls,pooh and hello kitty <3

    2) I am a total cry baby!! 

    3) I am a complete dar pok! phir bhi i can't help but watch horror movies all the time! :P :D

    4) I Love reading books.Especially suspence thrillers(sherlock holmes kind) and  Malgudi days kind of stories :-)

    5) I hate wet crockery and dirty bathrooms/toilets.Now this reminds me of an incident where i went to my relative's home while i was a kid and didn't poop for a whole week because their toilet was super dirty!! my mamaji then took me to a 3 star hotel and showed me the super clean toilet..only then i agreed to ahem! ahem!.. :-l

    6) I turned vegan recently :-) i am trying my best to avoid buying products from a company which does animal testing.And also i am a die hard animal lover <3 but i am super scared of spiders and crawling insects :-()

    7) My memory power is soooo poor! I keep forgetting things all the time!!

    Ok..i'm breaking the rule and telling three more things! hehehe... :D

    8) I am super duper scared of deep waters(like lake,sea and such huge stagnant water bodies)

    9) I have Bus/Car(all kinds) sickness! I just can't travel in them beyond an hour.

    10) I have stage fear(loads of it!) I start trembling,my legs shake, i can't speak a single word and i feel so nervous that sometimes i even feel like going to toilet after seeing so many people sitting in front of me. *shame*

    3. Answer the following questions:

     Name your favorite color: I love sooo many colours!! I's so hard to choose only one of them!

     Name your favorite song: I love so many but my current favourites are Taylor swift's "Mean" and "Teri tain tain phiss" from barfee.

     Name your favorite dessert: Rasmalai.

     What is pissing you off?: Currently i am pissed off with people who ask me "What are you doing now? BTech?" i say 'No' "Medicine?" 'No' "MBA?" 'No' "CA?" 'No' "then are you planning to get married??"!!!!! grrr....  Why can't  indians think beyond these???

     When you’re upset, you?: Cry a lot and Eat like there is no tomorrow!

     Your favorite pet: puppys and kittys <3

     Black or White? : *scrathing her head*

     Your biggest fear?: Deep waters and dinosaurs (ya ya..i know they are extinct but whenever i see jurassic park kind of movies i get the scariest dreams where a huge dino keeps chasing me and eats me up!!)

     My best feature is: My eyes.

     Everyday attitude: I really did not get what this means :-S

    What is                       What perfection is: Understanding imperfection is perfection.Hope this made sense :D

     Guilty pleasure: Dark chocolate,Cold/Hot coffee and Spicy onion & tomato bread toast which is the speciality of the current town i am living in.

    4. Award 15 blogs: 
    (In no particular order)

    And i pass this award to....

     * Nupur from Makeup gyaan
     * Ikya from Makeup monologues
     * Ki from Ki and makeup
     * Uzma from Zestful nails 
     * Rads from Weekend ramblings 
     * Shivani from Shivani's makeup blog 
     * Rajeshwari from My chosen poisons
     * Komal from Jewelry analysis
     * Ankita from Corallista
     * Zeeba from Of lipstick and blushes
     * Suma from I simply love makeup
     * Gia from Gia says that
     * Archie from My uncensored heart

    They are all wonderful bloggers.Don't forget to check them out :-))

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