Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My first ever Blog Award!! yaaayy!!!

Hi friends :-)

I'm sooo happy today.I recieved my very first blog award!! Thank you soooo much Rids Rekha and Pooja :-)) You all made me feel so soo sooo special <3 :*

coming to the rules..

The Rules:

1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you:

 I thank Rids , Rekha and Pooja for the award :-))

2. Share 7 Random things about yourself:

Here are some random things about me:

1) I loooove bows, barbie dolls,pooh and hello kitty <3

2) I am a total cry baby!! 

3) I am a complete dar pok! phir bhi i can't help but watch horror movies all the time! :P :D

4) I Love reading books.Especially suspence thrillers(sherlock holmes kind) and  Malgudi days kind of stories :-)

5) I hate wet crockery and dirty bathrooms/toilets.Now this reminds me of an incident where i went to my relative's home while i was a kid and didn't poop for a whole week because their toilet was super dirty!! my mamaji then took me to a 3 star hotel and showed me the super clean toilet..only then i agreed to ahem! ahem!.. :-l

6) I turned vegan recently :-) i am trying my best to avoid buying products from a company which does animal testing.And also i am a die hard animal lover <3 but i am super scared of spiders and crawling insects :-()

7) My memory power is soooo poor! I keep forgetting things all the time!!

Ok..i'm breaking the rule and telling three more things! hehehe... :D

8) I am super duper scared of deep waters(like lake,sea and such huge stagnant water bodies)

9) I have Bus/Car(all kinds) sickness! I just can't travel in them beyond an hour.

10) I have stage fear(loads of it!) I start trembling,my legs shake, i can't speak a single word and i feel so nervous that sometimes i even feel like going to toilet after seeing so many people sitting in front of me. *shame*

3. Answer the following questions:

 Name your favorite color: I love sooo many colours!! I's so hard to choose only one of them!

 Name your favorite song: I love so many but my current favourites are Taylor swift's "Mean" and "Teri tain tain phiss" from barfee.

 Name your favorite dessert: Rasmalai.

 What is pissing you off?: Currently i am pissed off with people who ask me "What are you doing now? BTech?" i say 'No' "Medicine?" 'No' "MBA?" 'No' "CA?" 'No' "then are you planning to get married??"!!!!! grrr....  Why can't  indians think beyond these???

 When you’re upset, you?: Cry a lot and Eat like there is no tomorrow!

 Your favorite pet: puppys and kittys <3

 Black or White? : *scrathing her head*

 Your biggest fear?: Deep waters and dinosaurs (ya ya..i know they are extinct but whenever i see jurassic park kind of movies i get the scariest dreams where a huge dino keeps chasing me and eats me up!!)

 My best feature is: My eyes.

 Everyday attitude: I really did not get what this means :-S

What is                       What perfection is: Understanding imperfection is perfection.Hope this made sense :D

 Guilty pleasure: Dark chocolate,Cold/Hot coffee and Spicy onion & tomato bread toast which is the speciality of the current town i am living in.

4. Award 15 blogs: 
(In no particular order)

And i pass this award to....

 * Nupur from Makeup gyaan
 * Ikya from Makeup monologues
 * Ki from Ki and makeup
 * Uzma from Zestful nails 
 * Rads from Weekend ramblings 
 * Shivani from Shivani's makeup blog 
 * Rajeshwari from My chosen poisons
 * Komal from Jewelry analysis
 * Ankita from Corallista
 * Zeeba from Of lipstick and blushes
 * Suma from I simply love makeup
 * Gia from Gia says that
 * Archie from My uncensored heart

They are all wonderful bloggers.Don't forget to check them out :-))



  1. congo siri ...!!!! hehehehe ..darpok ho toh bhi suspense thriller novels read karti hoo. . .lolz ... it ws so gud to knw u ... even m finicky abt toilets n bathrooms !!! lol

  2. @rids: ThanQQQ rids.. :* Hehehe...wohi toh meri speciality hai.. :P :D

  3. Congrats... Hey I have left you too the award at my blog. Do check it out:

  4. aww... thanQQQ so much pooja :-)) <3 :*

  5. You are too sweet!!! Congratulations!! :* thank you darling!

  6. hey siri..was nice to read bout u...1 week u did not go..ahem ahem !! :o

  7. u too Ikky... ThanQQQ... :-)) :* :*

  8. @bhumika: hehehe.. yes.. god only knows how i tried to control :P :D :D :D

  9. Heheheee...Thankooo Siri :D :D :D :D

  10. hey siri.. nice to read bout u.. esp ur dinosaur fear :) sweet :)

  11. Thanks fr the tag Sireesha! :) :)

  12. @Rajesh singh: ThanQQQ shona.. :-)) :*

    @Rekha: hehehe :D Thanks rekha :-))

    @Corallista: My pleasure ankita :-))

  13. Hi Siri...congrats! & thanks...even your idiosyncrasies are cute..wish you many more awards & rewards in future.

  14. @Rajeshwari: ThanQ so much rajeshwari :-)) <3


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