Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Summer Besties and More Blog Awards! :-)

Hi everyone :-)

I was tagged for "My Summer Besties" by lovely  Rekha of makeupnbeautyreview :-) 

So here goes the list of my Summer Besties:

Makeup besties:

1) Coastal scents mineral foundation:  I bought the sample pack of coastal scents exotic skin mineral foundation and i used it many times during summer months.It gives a natural matte finish it saved me from the woes of a liquid foundation because my skin is an oil factory during such hot months.I use three of them for different purposes..will talk about that in another post.

2) Ben nye rouge in "coral" and La femme blush in "cinnabar":  These have been my go to blushes this summer.The ben nye blush is lighter and a bit pinker than what it is appearing like in the pic.

3)Nivea fruity shine lip balm in "Pink guava" and Avon dew kiss sparkles lip tint in "Red sparkles","Glittery fuschia" and "Slittering nude":  I do not use lipsticks that much.So these tinted lip balms are my all time besties.

3) Shahnaz hussain's kajal:  This is the kajal i use regularly.Nothing special about it..just using it to finish it up.

Skin care besties:

1) Lotus kiwi and grapes revitalising skin polisher:  This has been my bestest summer bestie.It helped immensly in controlling the oils and made my skin amooth and poreless.

2) Oriflame swedish spa rebalancing face serum:  As i said earlier my skin is an oil factory during summers. So i use this serum which is light and non greasy.

3) Oriflame tea tree purifying oil:  I use this wonderful oil all the time to control my breakouts.It really works!

Hair care bestie:

Lotus amlapura shampoo:  I used this shampoo mostly and i skip conditioner in summers.

So these were my summer besties and i tag whoever is reading this :D

Blog awards

Coming to blog awards i recieved four more blog awards!!! OMG! Am i happy dancing!! :D ThanQQQ rids! you are so sweet :-) :* please check out and subscribe to rid's lovely blog HERE

I already did my 7 random things and questions HERE

I  think almost all the bloggers have been awarded these by now.So i'm not passing it on to anyone.

PS:I am planning to do a sale on Facebook.So if you wanna check it out then add me HERE



  1. Hey Siri, how do you use the swedish serum. is it like a concentrate or something? and how much was it.

  2. Great faves Siri!!!!Thanks for sharing :D Congrats on the awards!!!

  3. @Soft, Sweet and Gentle: It use it as a moisturiser twice a day.Its original price is 712/- but i got it at discount for about 350/-

    @Rakshanda: ThanQ rakshanda :-))

  4. @Rajesh singh:ThanQQQ shona :-)) :*

  5. Lotus Kiwi & grapes so great? My skin is misbehaving. :'( suddenly its being oily and there are a million whiteheads! :'( But that might be because a lot of reasons..

  6. @Ik: awww... :( It really helped me in controlling my zits and oilies Ikky..

  7. I cant wait to read your take on the coastal scents mineral foundation.

  8. @laksh: Will review it soon laksh :-))

    @bhumika: ThanQ bhumi :-)

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