Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One more blog award!!

Hello friends :-)

Today i was a not at all feeling well..had headache and mild fever.so i was weak and dull,but suddenly my mood was lifted and i was sooo happy! The credit goes to Ik (aka our beloved ikky,ikku and ogre :D) of Makeup monologues because she passed me the "One lovely blog" award!!! ThanQQQ soooo much ikky... You really made my day. Love ya loootttsss..  :-)) <3 :*

Ik is a wonderful girl who writes Makeup monologues and she has a canine brother named "Zorro".Go check them out and i promise that you'll never ever have another gloomy day in your life :-))



  1. Hi Siri...

    First time in your blog...Congrats on the award :-)) And lovely blog..like ur tutes a lot.keep it up

  2. @G.G.G: ThanQQQ soooo much poornima.. :-))

  3. OMG!! So cute and kind you are!!:D Thank you for the wonderful words!!!:*:*:* Love you loads! and I'm glad you feel better now! I have a cold and fever too! :'(

  4. hey siri, thanks for visiting my blog and following.. following you back :)

  5. @Ik: You are even more cute ikky <3 :D awww... take rest and get well soon ikku.. :* :* :*

    @Indgal: ThanQ so much dear :-))


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