Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vanakkam Chennai!

Yes! I'm shifting to chennai! So,i will not be able to post till i get my internet connection there.Will miss you all a lot :( <3 byeee...


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Somebody Pinch Me!!!

Somebody pinch me plzzzzzzzz...........am i dreaming? or hallucinating?? i couldn't believe that i just clicked a pic of my brand new cam and showing it to ya'll!!!! so plzzzzzzzzz somebody  pinch me!!!!!!!

Love you daddy <3 :)

P.S: Click HERE to see the eco-friendly 'greeting tin' that i made for my hubby. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

My New Journey Has Just begun..

Yes fellas..I'm venturing out on a BRAND NEW JOURNEY through my BRAND NEW BLOG! (Which Many of you would've already visited through THIS post.) I decided to GO GREEN AND CLEAN with my makeup,skin care,hair care and almost all the routines of my life not just for myself but also for.....................Want to know why i took this step? Click HERE

I will no longer post any reviews of products here on this blog.However, i'll be posting looks till i use up all the conventional makeup items left.

NOTE: My dream of becoming a makeup artist will never die.No matter how long it will take i'll wait until i find something which meets all of my new standards.

I hope all my lovely readers will support me and accompany me on my new journey.See y'all over there :)


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy B'day My BABIES.. :)

Yep..my babies...you guys already know two of my babies and another one has just taken birth :))

Say Happy B'day to my first baby... 'SHINY' :)

(kick me for posting it this late!)

Today..on the 2nd of  feb my baby turned 2! yaaayyyyy.. HAPPY  B'DAY My Sweet hrt :D :*

 I decided to give her a special gift! Click HERE to know what the gift is ;)

And... wish my second baby... :D

(Kick me again for being late)

Yesss! she turned 1 today! :) Happy B'day sweetie :*

Did you click the pink link? if not then go click it right now to know who the new baby is ;))

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SALE extended..and Reduced prices

Hello girls :)

I decided to extend the sale up to tomorrow midnight! :) And also i reduced the sale prices of many products..Check them out..

Here are the links for all the parts:

Part 1 (Lips): HERE

Part 2 (Lips): HERE

Part 3 (Eyes): HERE

Part 4 (Face): HERE

Part 5 (Nails,Fragrance,Hair and Skincare): HERE

If you want to buy anything then send me an E-mail of your order at destinationmakeup@gmail.com

Happy shopping :)


Image source

Saturday, January 28, 2012

MEGA SALE Part-5 (Nails,Hair,Fragrance,Skincare)

Avon neon nailpaints:
Used 1-2 times each.

Original price: 135/- each

Sale price: 80/- each

Blue shock


Coral beat (SOLD)

Funky fuschia (SOLD)

Electric green (SOLD)

Vivid violet.

Avon nailwear pro nail enamel:
Used once.

Original price: 135/- each.

Sale price: 80/- each.

Summer peach

Mercury metal (SOLD)

Misty blue

Avon nail experts 'Smooth beginnings base coat'(SOLD) and 'UV gloss guard top coat': 

Used once each.

Original price: 149/- each

Sale price: 90/- each.

Avon matte nail enamel 'Violetta': (SOLD)
Used once.

Original price: 135/-

Sale price: 60/-

Festive glam nail paint set: (SOLD)

Used the gold one once and the purple one once.The orange one was just swatched once on my index finger.

Original price of the whole set: 160/-

Sale price: 80/-

Neutrals nail paint set: (SOLD)
Used some of them once.Some are new.

Original price of the whole set: 325/-

Sale price: 175/-

Puprle flower nail paint set: (SOLD)
Used 1-2 times each.

Original price: 138/-

Sale price: 70/-

Oriflame quick dry drops:
Used once.

Original price: 219/-

Sale price: 150/-   now 100/-

Avon advanced techniques frizz control serum with lotus shield:

Used twice.

Original price: 429/-

Sale price: 200/-  now 150/-

Oriflame hair x styling extreme volume mousse:

Used twice.

Original price: 349/-

Sale price: 100/-

Oriflame hair x super style hair spray: (SOLD)

Used twice.

Original price: 349/-

Sale price: 100/-

Divo and oriflame hair brush set:

All of them are brand new.

Original price of the whole set: 800/-

Sale price: 400/-  now 300/-

Avon urban flowers EDT 'Rome': 
Used thrice.

Original price: 439/-

Sale price: 225/-  now 200

Oriflame 'Radiant lights' EDT' (citrus fragrance):

Used thrice.

Original price: 1,390/-

Sale price: 750/-   now 650/-

Oriflame pure nature blueberry and lavender toner:

Used 3-4 times.

Original price: 298/-

Sale price: 100/-

Oriflame pure skin blackhead astringent:

Used thrice.

Original price: 398/-

Sale price: 100/-

Oriflame pure skin hide and treat(sheer coverage tinted spot treatment cream ):

Used once.

Original price: 279/-

Sale price: 100/-

Oriflame swedish spa sea algae purifying face mask:

Used one part.

Original price: 359/-

Sale price: 200/-

Oriflame swedish spa beauty wonder oil with hydracare+:

Used 3-4 times.

Original price: 490/-

Sale price: 250/-  now 175/-


Dont' forget to E-mail me your order..or atleast leave me your E-mail id in the comments section so that i can contact you.


Friday, January 27, 2012

MEGA SALE Part-4 (Face)

This part contains all the face products.

NOTE: I did not include the shipping i paid for the products from international brands which i bought from international websites.It is of just the product itself.

Avon ideal shade liquid foundation 'Nude':

Used once.A little light for me.

Original price: 625/-

Sale price: 300/-  now 200/-

Avon simply pretty 3 in 1 color stick 'Golden ginger':

Used twice.

Original price: no idea..but i'm sure it's not less than 100/-

Sale price: 95/-

Ben nye concealer 'HY-1' Highlight yellow #1:

Used thrice.

Original price: 400/-

Sale price: 350/-

Ben nye transluscent face powder 'Ebony':

Used once.It can be used either as a contouring powder on dark skintones or as a finishing powder/medium coverage powder foundation(it is superbly pigmented) for much darker complexions.

Original price: 250/-

Sale price: 200/-

Ben nye cream foundation:

Used 2-3 times each.These are extremely pigmented and can also be used for contouring.

Original price: 475/-

Sale price:  400/-  now 300/-

L-R: MA-6 Deep ebony and Y3 Medium olive.

Y3 Medium olive and MA-6 Deep ebony

Chambor brilliant shimmer all over powder '#02 Golden shimmer': 

Used twice.Gives a gorgous golden glow to both face and body.

Original price: 750/-

Sale price: 600/-  now 500/-

Left: Heavy swatch. Right: Dusted off the extra powder with a brush.

Coastal scents corrector kit:
Used thrice.I've used the White, Red and the Black one HERE

Original price: 800/-

Sale price of the set: 700/-

Sale price individually: 120/-

Eyeko 3 in 1 cream(SOLD)  and tinted cream:

Used twice each.

Original price: 751/- 

Sale price: 675/-  now 600/-

Illamasqua skinbase foundation no.09:

Used once.I have very strong yellow undertones and this foundation is a tiny bit peachier for me.On the webite they say that it suits MAC's NC 30 skintone.I never tried a MAC foundation in NC 30 but i've tried a concealer in NC35 which was darker for me.So i guess i fall under NC30 too.

And one more thing..It photographs oh so beautifully <3 <3 <3

Original price: 1,953/-

Sale price: 1,800/-

Loreal bare n aturale gentle mineral blush 'Perfectly peach': (SOLD)

Used thrice.

Original price: 600/-

Sale price: 200/-

MAC studio fix powder+foundation 'C4':

Used thrice.Sponge will not be included.

Original price: 1,580/-

Sale price: 1000/-

MAC mineralize skinfinish natural 'Light/Medium': (SOLD)

Used 3-4 times.

Original price: 1,350/-

Sale price: 850/-

Marykay medium coverage foundation 'Ivory 200':

Used thrice.

Original price: 700/-

Sale price: 250/-  now 200/-

Mehron barrier spray:

Used once.This is a makeup sealer spray.

Original price: 448/-

Sale price: 400/-  now 350/-

Mehron liquid latex:

Used twice.This is used to create special makeup looks.I used it HERE

Original price: 498/-

Sale price: 400/-

Mehron tattoo cover wheel:

Swatched once.It is a full-on full coverage concealer.Best for spot concealing.Great one to have in an artist's kit.

Original price: 600/-

Sale price: 500/-

OCC skin mini kit 'Yellow bases skintone set': 

Swatched once.These are basically airbrush foundations.The shades in this kit are 'Y0', 'Y1', Y2', Y3', 'Y4', and 'Y5'.

Original price: 1,477/-

Sale price (set): 1000/-

Sale price(individual): 200/- each. 150/- each

Oriflame beauty matte control foundation 'Porcelain':

Used thrice.It is not as pink toned as it is appearing in the swatch pic.

Original price: 379/-

Sale price: 100/-

Giordani gold adaptive foundation 'Light ivory':

Used 3-4 times.It slightly adapts to the skintone and gives a dewy finish.It suits someone between NC25-30.

Original price: 890/-

Sale price: 400/- now 300/-

Giordani gold makeup base:
Used 4-5 times.

Original price: 849/-

Sale price: 400/-

Revlon skinlights 'Golden light':

Used twice.

Original price: 710/-

Sale price: 500/-  now 350/-

This the finger swatch.When applied with a brush the shimmer won't show up and it just gives a glowy appearance.

Street wear crystal shine face brightener 'Gold shine': SOLD

Used once.When used with a brush,the shimmer isn't as obvious as it is in the swatch pic.

Original price: 350/-

Sale price: 200/-  now 125/-

This the finger swatch.When applied with a brush the shimmer won't show up like it is doing here and it just gives a glowy appearance.

Too faced blush 'Papa don't peach':

Used 3-4 times.

Original price: 751/-

Sale price: 675/-

Yaby foundation palette 'Yellows':

Used 5-6 times.

Original price: 3,504/-

Sale price: 2,800/-

Check out part five for nail,fragrance,hair and skincare items.

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