Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy B'day My BABIES.. :) guys already know two of my babies and another one has just taken birth :))

Say Happy B'day to my first baby... 'SHINY' :)

(kick me for posting it this late!)

Today..on the 2nd of  feb my baby turned 2! yaaayyyyy.. HAPPY  B'DAY My Sweet hrt :D :*

 I decided to give her a special gift! Click HERE to know what the gift is ;)

And... wish my second baby... :D

(Kick me again for being late)

Yesss! she turned 1 today! :) Happy B'day sweetie :*

Did you click the pink link? if not then go click it right now to know who the new baby is ;))


  1. happy birthday shiny!!!!!!! and siri!! way to go!! congrats for the blog's first b'day!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Shiny you are adorable! Congrats on 1 year anniversary Srini

  3. aw! how cute! are you still doing the blog sale? x

  4. @Beauty and makeup studio: ThanQQ jyotsna :))

    @indian beauty central: ThanQQQ :))

    @Courtney: ThanQ courtney :)) and mail me about the sale at

  5. hey i just stumbled upon ur blog...loving it....following it too!!!


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