Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Photo Tutorial: How to Recreate Drew Barrymore's Look

Hi friends :-)

Today i'm doing a tutorial showing you how to recreate drew barrymore's purple smokey eye which she is wearing in this picture:

This is the reference pic my friend Fathima sent me.

So on to the tutorial..

I'm so sorry for the blurry pictures :( It was cloudy and the lighting was bad and dark.Hence the unclear pictures.

Step 1: I first primed my lids with an eyeshadow primer and then i used a concealer as an eyeshadow base to help in intensifying the less pigmented eyeshadows.

Step 2: Take a shimmery medium purple eyeshadow (If you have a bit lighter purple than this then use that one instead) and apply it tot he middle of the lid leaving the outer and inner 1/4ths of the lid.Take this colour slightly above the crease(slightly above than what you are seeing in the pic.I realised later that i should go a little above and i adjusted it afterwards.) 

Step 3: Now take a frosty golden/silvery pink colour (i opted for golden pink) and apply it to the inner corner.I applied a bit of it over the purple colour to make it lighter and more frosty.You may skip that if you have a nice  frosty medium purple colour.

Step 4: Next take a matte mid-dark purple colour  and apply to the outer 1/4th of the lid and blend it inwards with  the lighter purple colour.

Step 5: Take a blending brush and blend the purple in to the crease and all the way inwards (you will be able to see the effect in step 7)

Step 6: Now apply the same matte purple,frosty purple and golden pink to the lower lashline in same order as on the lid.Blend the harsh edges.

Step 7: Now take a matte black eyeshadow and apply it on the outer V of the lid and on outer 1/4th of lower lashline too.blend them with the purple colour.Make sure to blend it a bit inwards in to the crease.

Step 8: Now take a bit more of the purple on a soft pencil brush and dab it on the back of your hand to remove any excess shadow.Then apply it with light short strokes starting halfway above the crease going inwards towards the brow.Blend it.

Step 9: Apply a black kohl on both the waterlines.

Take a matte eyeshadow close to your skintone and use it to add a finished look to the browbone and to blend any harsh eedges (you can use your regular compact powder too) Finally add two coats of any mascara of your choice and our eye makeup is finished! Here is how it looks:

Now on to the face..
Drew has very flawless natural luminous skin in this pic.So to mimic that i applied a natural finish foundation,concealed my blemishes and applied a soft irredicent gold powder to my T-zone.(If you have oily skin like me then you need to set the foundation and concealer with powder prior to applying the highlighter) Do not apply a shimmery or glittery highlighters.Apply something that merges with the skin and makes it look naturally radiant..like lit from within. And then apply a matte/satin bronzer to the hollows of your cheek and blend it upwards and inwards.

In case you are wondering,that huge scar on the left of my face is a birth mark and i kinda love it because it looks like a leopard print tatto :P :D It is a slightly more darker in real life <3

And drew has very pale lips naturally which i don't obviously.So to reduce the pigment and make them look slightly paler i used two lip pencils.

First i applied a light bubblegum pink lip pencil lightly and smudged it with my fingers.You can use a more warmer peachy pink too.

Then i took a peachy nude lip pencil and applied it on top.

Finally to recreate that glowy shiny pout i applied a sheer pale gold lipstick mainly near the cupids bow and center on the lower lip.Then i blended it lightly on to the rest of the lip.

So here is the final look:

Sorry for the bad pose wala pic.It was cloudy and the lighting was low and bad.So this was the only best pic i could find among a ton of  pics i took.

I was feeling a bit adventurous so i went ahead.. intensified the eyes with more black eyeshadow..and painted my pout red! I actually used a deep chocolate brown lipstick allover the lips and used a cherry red lipstick on the cupids bow and center of the lower lip.But i guess my camera was in a bad mood and it picked it up as a single red colour! grrr!! but anywayz.. i quite liked this one more than the nude lip one! <3

I hope i succeeded at recreating drew's look..though not as good as the original one :D

Products used:

(In no particular order)

  1. Ben nye banana visage poudre(To set my foundation and undereye concealer)
  2. Eve pearl salmon concealer trio (To correct dark circles)
  3. Yaby liquid foundation in "Custard" (to the T-zone and apples of cheeks)
  4. Yaby liquid foundation in "Honey" (to the rest of the face)
  5. MAC prolongwear concealer in "NC35(to conceal dark circles and blemishes)
  6. TKB trading mica powder in "Silken gold" (To thighlight the T-zone,apples on cheeks and slightly to the inner part of the under eye circles to disguise them)

  1. Too faced shadow insurance. (to prime my lids)
  2. Oriflame dual skin corrector in "medium" (as an eyeshadow base)
  3. Golden pink eyeshadow from coastal scent's "88 metal mania palette" (on the inner corners of the eye)
  4. Matte mid-dark purple from sleek "Curacao" i-divine palette. (on the outer 1/4th of the lid)
  5. Ben nye eyeshadow in "Royal purple" (on the middle of the lid)
  6. Ben nye eyeshadow in "Banana" (on the browbone)
  7. Oriflame "Lash explosion" mascara.
  8. MAC eye kohl in "Smolder"

Cheeks and Lips:
  1. Sleek blush in "Sahara" (as bronzer)
  2. Sleek sheer cover lipstick in "Silk" (to add sheen and highlight the lips)
  3. Bourjois lip pencil in "Rose precieux" (buble gum pink liner)
  4. Graftobian eye liner pencil in "Natural" (peachy nude liner)

which one did you all like? Let me know :-)



  1. WOW.. i am at loss of words! simply awesome.. u are a pro!! keep it up..

  2. siri.................loved both the looks...................... m soo awed wenevr i see thz looks from u......
    ur just too awesom.... :-*

  3. Siriiii!!!!! You have done a fabulous job!!! Absolutely love it!!! :D Mwah!

  4. wow you look like a doll in this.. very pretty :)

  5. absolutely gorgeous Siri.. muahhh- loved it!!!
    btw- how do you manage such a clean work? no fallouts??? how how- plz teach me.. :)

  6. @Tarot Reader Shefali B Tiwari: ThanQQQ soooo much shefali... :-))

    @Nupur: Nuuuu.... Thankoooo..... :-)) :* :*

    @Ik: Thankoooo ikkoooo....

  7. @Indgal: *blush* :D Thanks a looottt indgal :-))

    @EVE-O-LUTION: Thankssss bee.... :-)) and i do mess up with shadows sometimes.. :P But most of the time i just take care not to pick up too much shadow at a time on the brush and if i do,i make sure to dab the brush either on the tissue or on the hand to take out excess.That way i try to prevent fallouts. :)

  8. Gorgeous look and lovely tutorial Siri..its so detailed...and well explained!! :) :) :) <3 <3 <3

  9. And just a suggestion..please remove the visual word verification from comments!! :( I usually see the pics in a go at office and then disable the images and aaram se read the post...but comment karne ke time pe again i have to enable images!! :( :( to let it post...

  10. ThanQQQ caliii... :D :* :* :* aww... :( will remove ir ASAP :)

  11. Oooh thanks a gorgeousss look siri !!! so well explained wow !

  12. Gorgeous Siri! I was so awed by how you recreated the look and made it even more beautiful!!!

  13. Very pretty Siri and awesome blending :)

  14. @PeachesandBlush:ThanQQQ so much mehak :-))

    @laksh: omg!! Thanks a looottt laksh :-))

    @MakeupbyEesha: ThanQQQ eesha :-))

  15. wow siri u r so talented!
    plz do a tutorial on how to hide lip pigmentation n post some swatches of those lip liners...i so want them now!
    also is dat highlighter good?..i too like dat "fake glow from within"

  16. Sireesha you look completly stunning !
    Amazing ekdum :* :*

  17. @Vanity: ThanQQQ ansh :-)) and yes that tkb trading's mica is really good to achieve that glow.Infact i like it more than my NARS Albatross! Can't do that tut right now but will surely do it somtime.

  18. @RiTiKa: ThanQQQ so much ritika :-))

  19. U look so adorable and beautiful in both the looks..the first one looks HOT and the second one is so ELEGANT!! U r so talented....Why don't u do YT videos???

  20. @Pooja_G: Thanks a loottt pooja :-)) i don't do YT videos because i don't have a video camera.My digicam's video quality is so poor..so i'm planning on buying a new cam which helps me both with photos and videos :)

  21. Wow! I had my mouth open all this time. Have yet to see this perfect of a blending technique.You are a natural. So glad to have found your wonderful blog.Now following. Do drop by my blog too :)Have a lovely evening.

  22. U look soo much more beautiful than drew in this look! And I agree with pooja..u should seriously consider yt..michelle phan will have some tough competition! :D

  23. @Pandora`s Box: OMG!!!! ThanQQQ sooo much dear..you are so sweet :) This really means a looott to me :-)) :* will visit your blog right now :)

    @Kitchen Beauty Benefits: Thanks a loootttt sukanya.. :-))and that's such a heavenly compliment!! *blush* *woot* i'm soooo happy to know that you guys want to see videos from me! will buy a new cam soon and start making videos(dumb ones though :P hehehe) :-)) :*

  24. This is one of the best purple smokey looks I have ever seen! Amazing!

  25. @Scarlett O'Hara: ThanQQQ sooo much scarlet.. :-))

  26. This is rather THE BEST eye makeup tutorial ever :)

  27. This is gorgeousness Sireesha!!So so pretty! Loved it!

  28. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! best TUT EVER!!

    i asked for a look recreation...and u gave us masterpiece!!
    your best work ever!!!!!!!!!

  29. wowwwwwwwww siri .... awesum awesum awesum !!!!!!!!!

  30. just luved ur look.........its damnn awesummm..... can u tell me plzzz dat frm where u got yaby products?????

  31. @priti: aww..thanQ so much priti :-))

    @corallista: Thanks a looottt ankita :-))

  32. @Fathima Abdul Kader: Oh my!!! thanQQQ so sooo sooooo much fathima... Your comment really made my day!! Love ya.. :-)) <3 :*

  33. @rids: ThanQQQ rids :-))

    @huma naaz: thanQQQ so much huma :-)) i bought yaby products from camerareadycosmetics.com.You may click the camerareadycosmetic's button on my sidebar which will lead you to their online store and you can shop from them :)

  34. Suuuuuuuuuuuuper.......... :*************** :-)

  35. @Rajesh Singh: Hehehe.. Thankooo shona :-)) :***

  36. I am generally the silent reader sorts but this post demands a comment :) You're very good at what you do, hope to see you make a name for yourself as a make up artist some day!

  37. @Grace Personified: Oh my!! Thank you soooo much sweet heart.. :-)) :*

  38. great tutorial....m following u now....

  39. gorgeous eye make up.... luvd d first luk wid nude lips..... :P

  40. @Tanya VS: ThanQQQ tanya :-))

    @Manali: Hehehe.. ThanQQQ manali :-))

  41. Hot Hot Hot siri !!! awesomeee...!

  42. Aspiring Makeup Artist???? I'd say 'Seasoned Makeup Artist'...smashing look!

  43. amaziiinggg ..wowww!! and u blend so welll...! i swear u looking better thn drew barrymore

  44. GORGEOUS!!! Sirisha this is just so awesome!!! u look beautiful :)

  45. @Rajeshwari: OMG! You really made my day! Thanks a ton rajeshwari :))

  46. @Neha S.: Really! aww.. Thanks a looottt neha :))

  47. @Samyukta: ThanQQQ so much suma :))

  48. All MNC company need interior designs for new look. Its help look and feel gud.


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