Monday, September 19, 2011

Collective Online Haul!

Hi Girls :)

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.Mine was nothing special..i was getting bored and so i started browsing some old pictures..Suddenly i stumbled up on the pictures i took for haul posts and then it struck my mind that i never posted them!! :-O

So, here they are..

1) From

I bought all these sleek items when the 'Carribean collection' was released.
  • four i-divine eyeshadow palettes in 'Oh so special','Monaco','Curacao' and 'Acid'.
  • Pout polishes in 'Bonaire' and 'monte carlo'(That perfect plum pout polish you are seeing in the first pic is not mine..i ordered it for a friend).
  • Blushes in 'Sahara' and 'Aruba'.
  • True colour lipstick in 'Amped'.
  • Sheer cover lipstick in 'Silk'.

2) From

I bought so much of stuff from brands like Eyeshadows and a blush from Ben nye,Lipsticks and a lip pencil from Graftobian,Loose eyeshadows and a pressed eyeshadow from Sugarpill,Brushes from A-design(bought them on BOGO offer),Two Z-palettes,Two concealers from Yaby ,Moisture spray from Cinema secrets,Blushes from Lafemme,Duo adhesive,Precision lash curler from Japonesque,Oil free eye makeup from Camerareadycosmetics and finally some samples of the famous Lait creme concentre from Embryolisse. 

3) From

They had a 20% off sale goin gon and also they always offer free international shipping if we spend over $50(i guess) So, i took the advantage and bought all the six Eyeko london lips,Eyeko 3 in 1 cream,Eyeko tinted cream and an Eyeko fat balm in 'Toffee'.

NOTE: Eyeko has relaunched their brand recently.They've changed the design of both the website and the packaging! I'm absolutely hating the new look! I was a huge fan of their cute packaging :( Currently they launched only the mascaras,liquid liners and pencil liners.I didn't find any lip or face products on their new website.Let us hope that they will realaunch their cult favourites like fat balms,london lips and those creams.

4) From

They started selling NARS products at discount..So i HAD to get them :P :D  i bought two duo eyeshadows in "Miditeranee' and 'Misfit',a lipgloss in 'Dolcevita'.I bought some more stuff like 'Prolongwear concealer',Lip liner in 'Magenta',Eye kohl in 'Smolder',Paint pot in 'Painterly',Lipsticks in 'Girl about town' and 'Patisserie' from MAC,A lipgloss in compact form from bobbibrown and A mini lipfusion lipgloss in 'Crave'.

5) From

This is the smallest of all! Hehehe :P I bought two liquifeye eye pencils in 'Brown', 'Aqua' and two lipglosses in 'Summer baby' and 'Secret.Got the lip balm free :D

So...That is it! :D Actually i forgot to take pics of another haul from ACW  and CRC :P Now i guess you all know what reviews you'll get to read in the near future :)

Keep hauling and be happy :D



  1. Omg thats a lot! Looks lovely, why dont you do some looks from Acid and curaco? the palettes are fab :D and NARS OMG!

  2. @Tanvee Wadhwa: I will tanvee..i'm getting a new camera..So,i'm waiting to do all the looks after i get it :) Hehe..ya NARS..I was like OMG too when i grabbed them! :D

  3. fab haul siri !! I am so loving everything u got !!
    Nars dolce vita n MAC Patisserie r superb..I am so J :/
    awesome haul..wud wait for swatches..

  4. OMG !!!!!!! ME ALL GREEN........THODA IDHAAR BHI AANE DO . . . hehehehehe

  5. GOD!! its a SUPER-DUPER-MEGA Haul Siri...!!

  6. @Nupur: Hain!! O_o :P :D

    bhumika: Hehe..will do that soon bhumi :)

  7. @rids: Hehehe.. They don't want to come.. They want to stay with me! *hmph* :P :D

    @Pooja_G: Hehehe..yesss pooja..yesss... :D But not more than our nupur rani's hauls :P :D

  8. oh wow siri... this is awesome... and belated birthday wishes too :)

  9. But hey, wasn't acid discontinued or something?

  10. OMG this is probably the biggest of all the haul's i have ever seen!! review the stuff soon :)

  11. O-M-G Siri I almost fainted after seeing your haul girl! Do post reviewof Milani Liquifeye black liner soon :)

  12. @anks:ThanQ anks :))

    @Kitchen Beauty Benefits: Hehe.. :D No is very much available :)

  13. OMG!! Awesome haul!! I want to seee pics and swatches of the Bobbi Brown, NARS and MAC products!!

  14. @Parita: Really! wow! hehe.. :D ThanQ..i will review them all :)

    @indian beauty central: Haha.. :D But dear,the colours i bought are 'Brown' and 'aqua'.I didn't get the black one.So will review these two soon :)

  15. @Corallista: :D thanQ ankita :)) I will post them all one by one soon :)

  16. OMG Siri, that's a HUGEEE haul !!!! wow... m excited just at watching the pictures, dunno how i'l react to see it in real :P :P

  17. Greeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaat collection... :D :***

  18. @Vanity: Haha :D

    @Deeptima: Hehehe deepu..even i was in that situation before i bought these. :P :D

    @Pavani reddy: :D

  19. no spanks vale simileys available here siri otherws had given u a 100 for making me sooo J by shopping sssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mmmmuuuuucccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. :D :D

  20. God Siri, awesome and so many things :D
    Can't wait to see each one of them! :)

  21. @Nidhi: Hahaha..Mera maksad poora hogaya (sabko J banane ka) :D :D

    @MakeupbyEesha: :D

  22. wowwww!!! im still drooling over ur haul pics :))

  23. tym to steal some...
    hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haul!:O
    m in a state of shock now actually:P

  24. @Ice_gurl: :D

    @Rekha: Hehe :))

    @Mermaidbidisha: Guess i need to learn some kung fu! to keep my makeup safe :P :D :D

  25. @siri- Main b J ho gayi. Thoda sa muje gift kar de ;) :P :P :P

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. @Ice_gurl: :P maine kab kaha ki J hone par main inhe gift kardoongi! :D :D :D

  28. biggest haul i had ever seen siri;p

  29. @Rajesh Singh: Hehehehe.. :D :D

  30. hi i read your comment on imbb regarding using paypal for onlinepurchases..who said that paypal have ditched indian users..i just purchased alt of stuff online using you use paypal


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