Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm back! and some sharing..

Hi everyone :)

I'm so happy to be back after little more than a month :) Finally.. got my broad band connection today.Even if the connection was back much more earlier i wouldn't have been able to start blogging because of some awful stuff that happened in my life..

Due to my dad's transfer i had to leave my baby.."Shiny" whom i loved more than anyone else in this world <3 :,((  She was our neighbour's pup but right from day 1 she grew up in our home.I fed her,cleaned her poop and pee,was awake the whole night when she was sick and most importantly she is one of the reasons why i'm alive today!(more on that later).She bought the sunshine back in to my otherwise dark life.Now that she is not with me anymore it feels like the darkness is back again. :(

This is  "Scooby".He was our neighbour's doggy too.He was a real hero! I loved him a  loooottt.. <3 :((

"Aishu" the first ever kitty i ever played with.. is no more :,((  I was always scared of cat's because of their razor sharp claws. Butthe moment i saw her, i instantly felt like she was the most special one out of all the cat's i've seen in my grandma's home from the past 22 years.I'm missing her sooooo much :(

Due to all of this,both my mind and my heart were awfully disturbed that i wasn't even eating and sleeping properly all these days.After so much of emotional struggle i'm trying to get back to normal with enormous hopes that pretty soon god will send me back to my baby and will bring the sunshine back in to my life.

I know that she'll be sitting in our balcony just like this and waiting in a hope that i'll walk through the gate and hug her tightly....

Please pray for us guys..we NEED each other.. :(

May the sunshine of your lives keep shining forever.

I promise that i will post regularly from tomorrow :)



  1. hello siri .... welcome back ... dont be sad sireesha ... i know you will find more animal friends nearby . . . :)

  2. Hi rids :) :* I really wish so..

  3. Aww Siri..don't be sad! n glad to see u back blogging :)
    Do join my giveaway

  4. awww ur a real animal lover :)

  5. Siri!!! Soo glad u're back!!! n m an animal lover tooo :(

  6. @Pooja_G: Me too happy that i'm back :) sure.

    @Vanity: Yes anshita..i love them sooooo much <3

    @Kitchen Beauty Benefits: :)

  7. The photos are so will get over it but I guess it's difficult to forget naa. Hugssssssssssssssssss :*

  8. ThanQ rads :) and it is impossible for me to forget her..I will keep on visiting her as long as she stays in this world :)

  9. I'm very scared of animals, but I really do adore them ( although from a distance). but the bond that develops once you own one or befriend one, is truly special

  10. @EVE-O-LUTION: Yup bee..i'm fine now :)

    @Nivedita: yes nivedita..u r is one of the most special bonds in this world :)

  11. hey siri :) happy to see u back :) but sad to hear that u've to leave ur petties behind :(

  12. @Rekha: Hi too sooo happy to be back :)

  13. Don't worry ra... :*** please Keep :)

  14. Hi Siri, Hope you are feeling better dear.Parting from pets is always a painful experience.But you need to cheer up, remember the great happiness they brought in your life and think how you can help the needy animals who so need care & shelter in & around you neighborhood.
    Hope you fine some cuddly furry friends soon. Keep smiling :)

  15. @indian beauty central: I'm feeling better now dear :) I was and am always ready to help needy animals :) Thanks a lot for your sweet words buddy :) :*


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