Monday, January 23, 2012

Lots of sharing..and MEGA SALE ALERT!

Hiiii everyone.... :))

Oh My Gosh!!! It feels sooooo good to be blogging again :) Missed you all a loooootttttt....... :(

What to do girls....i've been through lots of stuff(Both good and bad) for the whole 3 1/2 months! Ok..GOOD NEWS first.. Yayyyyyy..... I'm GETTING MARRIED!!!! On the 12th of Feb :)) 

Ok..THE END of good news.. 

Now on to the BAD stuff...  I planned a lot about how my wedding should be..I wanted a Cruelty free and Eco-friendly wedding..But not even a single thing materialised(Huge story..can't share it publicly).I was feeling so frustrated and sad..i cried like there's no tomorrow.After so much of thinking i convinced myself that "'s my destiny's is not going to let any of my plans about it..I'll still be alive after the wedding and can do good things in million other ways my whole life." Everything was arranged..The venue,Decoration,Food,Accomodation etc., etc., But one day, all of a dad suffered a stroke :( He had to undergo a surgery and i had to stay there and take care of him for over a month.Doctor strictly adviced  him to stay away from stressful work.all the arrangements went straight in to the trashcan! because he can't handle that much of stress now( know how BIG & FAT our indian weddings are).Our minds went totally blank..there is very little time left and everything had to be rearranged in to a much more simpler manner.All the venues were full..we can't choose temples either due to our early morning muhurtam time(3:30 to 4:30!!).Finally after so much of head banging we settled to a simple venue on Tirumala and my wedding is going to be a rather simple affair comprising only important family members and dearest friends.

My dad was discharged last week and finally we returned home after nearly 2 months.Very little time is left and there is so much more to do.Right now my only priority is my, i want to help and reduce as much burden as i can by simplifying my wedding.I hope atleast now the thunders will calm down and our boat sails smoothly.

Now finally..Another big thing happened in my life..I never thought something like this would ever happen in my life..not even in my scariest of dreams.....

Na..not so gotta wait a little more longer to know about it.It is a surprise and in a way shocking  too(i guess) ;)

Now moving on to the SALE  part.... I'm having a MEGA SALE in which i'll be selling almost 3/4th of my makeup collection! The sale starts from afternoon 12.00 pm on 25th and ends at midnight on 29th of this month.

I know..i'll be wondering "But why?" Well.. i can't reveal the reason right now..because it's a part of the surprise which i mentioned above.Some may think i'm cheating by hiding the reason but trust's for good..and i mean it.

Will post the sale's teaser pic tomorrow :)



  1. OMG Siri, you have been through a lot babe! May God bless you sweety! I'm sure once you get married your dad will be all relieved & happy! You have been a wonderful daughter :) I'm sure your parents must be proud of you!
    Oh BTW Congrats for the wedding buddy :))
    Waiting to see what all is available for sale :)

  2. Congrats Sireesha!! Wish you all the very best for the future. I'm glad your dad is recovering & hope he feels better now.

  3. Congrats sri, all the very best for wedding. Getting wedded in Thirumala is a huge blessing.. Everything will go smoothly dont worry.. Take care of your Dad too :)

  4. Congrats, Sireesha. Hugs and best wishes. Glad to know your dad is okay...weddings are such a stressful time..really!!!! Enjoy and take care :*

  5. ongratulations sireesha :)) hope u have a very happy and a wonderful married life! :D

  6. congratulation sireesha, may god bless the couple to be. You would make a very pretty bride. take care of your dad and just relax. Things will soon settle down

  7. @Zestful Uzma: Thanks a lot uzma :))

    @Poohkie: ThanQ poohkie :))

    @Rajesh Singh: :)) :*

    @Indgal: Yes dear..that's what i thought too :) ThanQ :))

    @Rads: Hi rads.. :) *hugs* ThanQ :)) :*

    @SamyuktaISimplyLoveMakeUp: ThanQ so much suma :))

    @Kumkum Jain: aww..ThanQ so much dear :))

  8. You know Sireesha that is why we daughters are so special for our dads :) we love them so much na we can't see them taking any pain even if it is for the most important event of life :) I am so proud of you ... you are a brave and caring girl :) Lucky man who marries you

    Congrats a tonne dear .. May God bless you always and from right this second every second of your life is filled with lotsa happiness. :)

  9. Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaats siri!! You adorable girl! I hope your father is better now and i wish him good health!

    now onto you, congrats once more! Marriage is an important chapter of a woman's life, I hope you will enjoy your wedding :) take care

  10. congrats siri !!! i ll pray that yr dad gets well soon

  11. Congratulations Siri!! hope ur dad is well now!!

  12. @Shreya: Thanks a lot are so sweet :))

    @MakeupFriendly: ThanQQ tanvee :))

    @riddhi jholapara: Thats so sweet of you rids..ThanQ so much :))

    @Beauty and Makeup Studio: ThanQ dear :))

  13. congrats siri :) I am so happy for you.. how is your dad now? take care dear :) good luck for a wonderful life :) God Bless :)

  14. welcome back and congratulations and all the best for your wishes to your dad

  15. congratulations sreesha!(hv seen u from your first days of bloggin,evn frm d very first one on imbb), u r immensely talented...hope u continue ur work evn after you tie d knot...

    n wishing ur dad a full recovery at the earliest....

  16. Hey Siri.........I just sent you a mail regarding your blog sale without reading this bad............Hey gal........congrats a ton for your wedding........and I feel sorry that your dad had to suffer a lot.....My wishes for his fast recovery........
    No matter how simple your wedding is going to be..........but I wish that you get to celebrate each and every day every moment with your husband and your family........


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