Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coastal Scents Haul

Hello everyone.. :-) please don't mind my another haul post guys.. I actually wanted to post the shopping details.But suddenly today i recieved this package and my friend noopur wanted to see the here it is..(click pics to enlarge)

It came in a huge cardboard mailing box which was quite sturdy.I compared the box size by placing a small scissors. :P

Plenty of paper rolls were stuffed inside the box so that the items won't move while shipping.After removing those paper rolls there were two separate packages rolled in pink and white paper each.some extra items were kept separately without any extra packaging

he he.. my shiny was a bit curious about the contents :P

The pink packaging had all the brushes,mineral foundation samples and gel liner.

And the white packaging had the mirage palette,two mica samples and brush guards pack.the palette was securely packed in huge roll of bubble wrap whose 'bubbles' were also huge! :D

After unwrapping the palette i was a bit can easily guess why i was scared by looking at the pic below!

Inspite of the careful and secure packaging,an eyeshadow was broken!whole palette became so dirty due to that.

Anywayz..i cleaned it up and here is the clean pic of the palette..

This was the cute small free eyeshadow sample that CS gave me with my order.. how sweet na.. <3

will post the swatches and also the detailed review and pics of other items in another post.. :-)



  1. Hey Siri ... Can you review the brushes here??? also share their prices :) LOve shalini

  2. @Shalini Dhillon: sure shalini..will def review them once i use them for a while.. :-)

  3. woowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.............. i love evrythinggggggg...... thnkuuuuuuuu soo much for uploading it for me.... love u :) :-*

  4. @Nupur: thanQQQ you too.. :-)) :*

  5. I want all of this. Please repack with more indian bubble wrap and send it to me promptly. thankyouverymuch. :)and you better love me too, I'm feeling left out! :|I wantttttt eveerrryyyything especially the gel liners! :|:|

  6. @Ik: he he he..ikky.. me love u too.. :* <3 :-) and if u wnat all those things na then come here and take them with you.. :D

  7. dat looks fab...d mirage has very pretty colors..!!

  8. Hey Siri, Lovely haul, please do a review on the products bought last time also ;-)

  9. @bhumika: yes does.. :-)

    @uzma: Hi uzma.. :-) i will review them within this week.. :-))

  10. Siri....I loved everything you got.
    Waiting for the review. Then I might get mine too. :))
    Enjoy your make-up more now. :* :*

  11. @Jinal: thankuuu jinal... :-)) i will do it soon.. :-)

  12. Great Haul Siri!! :D :D :D Waiting for the reviews!!! :) :)

  13. @calicoaster: :D thanX cali.. :-)

  14. @Sonia: Done sonia.. :-) i will surely review it after testing it out a li'l bit.


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