Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: MAC Lipglass in "Red devil"

Hi friends.. :-)

Today i'm gonna do a mini review of the MAC lipglass in "Red Devil".I bought this online from website.

Price: I don't know it's original price but i bought it for 16.99$ which is nearly 770/-

This lipglass was a part of  "Brunette,Blonde,Redhead" collection by MAC which was out in 2009.This lipglass was released under "Redhead" part of that collection.So this was a limited edition item.But one day i found it on that website and i instantly fell in love with it and added to my shopping cart without a second thought.After the parcel arrived i opened it and kept staring..staring and staring and couldn't take my eyes off it! that's how pretty it was! <3

Here are the pics of the packaging and the actual lipglass tube.I took pics of each and every side to let you all see if it is authentic or not :-) (click pics to enlarge)

Top: back of the pack, Bottom: ingredients

See the pretty gold shimmers? <3  it comes with a doe tip applicator(looks orange in the pic but its not)

Shade description: Deep pinky coral with fine gold shimmer.

Texture/Consistency: Slightly sticky and thick consistency(which makes it long lasting)

Coverage: Single swipe = Medium and 2-3 swipes = Full (depends on how pigmented your lips are)

Colour payoff/Pigmentation: Good.

Flavour/Smell: MAC's Signature flavour.. i.e., Vanilla. YUM!! :D

Staying power: 5-6 hours. starts fading a li'l bit after 4 hours.It doesn't completely fade off even after meals and long hours of wear.It leaves behind a lovely shimmery pinkish tint..and the shimmer is so fine that it doesn't look odd at all.<3

Swatch: This is just single swipe! I tried so hard to capture the true colour of the lipglass and this pic came out real good and very very close to the true colour! like 99%! yaaayyy! :D

This gloss is quite moisturising and it did not did not dry out my lips at all.Infact my lips felt fully moisturised even after 7 hours!! Cool! isn't it <3

Boo boos:
                *Some people may not like the sticky and thick texture of the gloss.
                *May need a li'l touchup after 5 hours if you want the true colour.

Other than that i didn't find any major issues with this gloss..May be because i love it too much! He he he.. :P :D

So girls.. this was my take on this lipglass.. Stay tuned for the next post in which i'll tell you every single detail of my shopping experience on and i also included a step by step picture guide to shop there! Have a day as beautiful as this golden pinky coral gloss.. <3 :-)

*Let me know if you want to see the lip swatch piccy..i will do it as soon as i can :-)



  1. dats an awesumm color siri !!!

  2. yes bhumi.. it is sooo pretty! <3

  3. love ur red devil lip glass siri....
    m sure it will look gorgeous on u my angel.. :-*

  4. Awww so pretty!! :* FOTD!:p:p
    And thanks a tonne for the sidebar thingy! :)

  5. @Shalini Dhillon: yup shalini.. :-))

    @Rajesh Singh: <3 :-))

  6. Sooooooo prettttttty tooo buying this now........ :D :D :D :D

    BTW how much they charge for shipping? This website ?

  7. @calicoaster: yes cali... it is sooo pretty..<3:D i chose express shipping so they charged me about 32$ for 4 brushes and one lipgloss.i'll tell all the shipping options in detail in my next post :-)

  8. Very pretty Shade Sireesha! I was expecting a scarlet blood red shade frm the name 'Red devil'!! Does it really last for 4-5 hours??! I'm getting one MAC lipglass fro sure now!

  9. @corallista: even i thought it will be red! :D it does ankita..the colour starts fading a li'l bit after 4 hrs..but the gloss stays.. so go ahead and buy one happily :-)

  10. looks pretty, Sireesha :))...nice review

  11. superb..i think I will give this a shot..!
    don't think I visited your blog earlier..Do visit mine too, and follow if you wish! I will follow you back..


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