Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coastal Scents Gel Liner Review

Hi everyone.. :-)

I bought this gel liner from coastal scents nearly a month ago. So here is the review:

Shade/colour: True black (a deep matte black)

Price: 6.95$ / INR 310 (approximately)

Weight: 3 gms/0.11oz

Where to buy:

So this is how the packaging looks like:

This is how the jar and the liner inside looks:

The texture of the gel liner is smooth and buttery and is highly pigmented <3. See how black it is:

Left: single stroke,Right: heavy and thick swatch(pic taken indoors in natural light)

Glides very easily on the lid and dries down to a matte finish.staying power is quite good..almost 8 hrs! It doesn't smudge but it flakes off if you rub your eyes even just a li'l! If you don't do that then there is nothing to worry about.Everything was well and good until one day when i opened it to find it almost dry!!! see the pic below and observe the sheen on the surface..

(left: NEW, right: After a few days)

I think this happened because of the bad designing of the jar..coz my maybelline gel liner is in perfect condition even after a long time(will do a comparison post soon).The liner was all lumpy and crusty when i tried to pick it up on a brush.I lost all hopes of  being able to using it again..But i found a way to revive it! will tell you how in the next post :-)

       * Very pocket friendly price.
       Quantity is huge.
       * Superb pigmentation.
       * Good staying power.
       can be used on waterline too.(test it first if you have sensitive eyes)

        * Dries out super quickly in the jar.(altleast in my case it did)
        Dries out super quickly on the lids you gotta work superfast while working on the eyes.

Rating: 4/5

All in all this is a great product to buy if  a good gel liner in pocket friendly price is what you are looking for.Hope this review helped.. :-) If you have anymore doubts/questions please feel free to leave a comment :-))



  1. Hey Siresha, try using inglot duraline to revive this eyeliner.

  2. sirii......
    i have dis too, bought it on ur recommnedation only :)

  3. Nice review... Keep it up... :* :-)

  4. @indian beauty central: I know dear.. but inglot is not widely available na..even i don't have that.. so i wanted to tell another easy method to revive it :-)

  5. @Nupur: hehehe.. :-)) yours didn't dry out kya?

  6. Seem to be very intense black. How do compare this with Blacktrack?

  7. @mumbaimakeupdiary: Yes is very intense black colour.I'm sorry i don't have blacktrack to compare..but i'll compare it to the maybelline gel liner soon.. :-))

  8. oh too bad thank u for the review u save my money lol

  9. Waiting for the comparative post because I had never used a gel liner and I'm planning to get one.Lovely blog Siri

  10. try popping it into a microwave for 30 seconds without the lid.

    Should do the trick.

    The product will melt and resolidify.

  11. @nivedita: ThanQ nivedita.. :-)) i will do it today.. :-)

  12. @vinita jayanth: i did something similar vinitha..and it worked :-))


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