Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm Back! & A Basic Black Smokey Eye Tut(requested)

Hi everyone :-)

This whole week has been really frustrating because there was no power supply,no telephone and no internet due to some guy who decided to chop off large trees which were there in his site and in that process they chopped off the power and telephone cables too! Gosh i was feeling like i was living in some remote place of antarctica where there is no supply of power,telephone and internet!:P Even now the cables are not set properly so i don't know when and for how many days the power is gonna go off.. :-( phew.. So finally(atleast temporarily) i'm back :D and i'll post the tut's of all the pending looks and some reviews this week.:-)

Today i am going to do a photo tutorial on how to do a basic black smokey eye which was requested by my dear friend romita.This is a very simple black smokey eye look which you can do within 10 mins!So let's get started.

When you are doing a dark smokey eye you better not apply the foundation & concealer before eye makeup because the fallout from the dark eyeshadow will ruin your base makeup.

Step 1: Prime your eyes with either a concealer or an eyeshadow primer(helps control the oil and thereby creasing if you have oily lids).Here i applied primer first and then a thin layer of concealer as a base to help the eyeshadow adhere to my lids.

Step 2: Then take a black kohl/eyeliner pencil and apply it to the upper lashline and a little bit above it.You don't have to be precise or neat because we are anyway gonna smude it.Apply it on the lower lashline too.

Step 3: Smudge the liner like shown in the pic below.(do not take it in to the crease)

Step 4: Now take a matte black eyeshadow and pat it on the smudged liner(on both upper and lower lashlines)Make sure that you apply it only up to half of the lid upwards(did that make any sense? :P) (see the next step to know what i mean).Most of the shadow should be concentrated near the lashline.Smudge the lower lashline's eyeshadow too.

Step 5: Now take a blending brush and blend the eyeshadow upwards so that it fades as it moves in to and above the crease.

You will have somthing like this:

TIP: When you use a black eyeshadow for smokey eyes it tends to look grey and muddy on our warm skin tones when you blend it out.So what you can do is..With a blending brush take a matte brown eyeshadow which is a shade or two darker than your skin tone and run it over the grey areas.This will warm up that grey shade and add some life to your eyes.You can see the effect in the above pic. :-) 

Step 6: For browbone area use some compact powder/a matte eyeshadow close to your skintone to make it look clean and it also helps blend out any harsh lines of the black eyeshadow.Finally apply a black kohl/liner to both upper and lower waterlines and finish off with loads of volumising mascara.If you have false lashes then don't forget to put em on! :-)

After fifnishing the eyes you can apply foundation,concealer and powder.After that apply a warm peachy blush and you can also contour your cheeks,nose,temples and jawline with a compact/eyeshadow/blush that is 2 shades darker than your skintone or you can use a bronzer instead of contouring powder if you want to warm up your face.Finally apply a peachy nude lipstick and add some nude lipgloss over it and you are done! :D Here is the final look:

I you feel that your eyes are getting closed up with too much of dark eyeshadow you can add some frosty eyeshadow in the inner corners.This will open them up.

Hope you all liked this tutorial (especially romita :D)

Products used:
*Yaby liquid foundation(mixed honey,pecan and custard)
*Ben nye banana visage poudre to set the foundation.
*Bourjois blush in "ambre d'or"
*La femme eyeshadow in "brown" for contouring.
*Eve pearl salmon concealer for under eye circles.
*Coastal matteworx eyeshadow primer.
*Oriflame dual skin corrector in "medium" as eyeshadow base.
*Inglot eyeshadow in AMC #63(matte black)
*Lafemme eyeshadow in "brown" (to warm up the greyish crease colour)
*Avon perfect wear kajal pencil.(for both lashlines)
*Shahnaz hussain kajal.(for both waterlines)
*Avon super shock mascara.

*NYX lipstick in "frappuccino"
*Milani crystal gloss for lips in "Secret"

*Sigma E55-Eye shading brush (for patting colour on to the lids)
*MAC 217 (for blending)
*Sigma E20-Short shader (for packing and intensifying the black colour near the lashlines)
*Sigma E30-Pencil (for smudging and blending the shadow on lower lashline)
*Sigma F35-Tapered highlighter (To apply blush and for contouring)



  1. Lovely look Siri....Totally awesssommme..very nice tutorial!! :) : )

  2. loved it siri !!! very nice n perfect..not OTT black..

  3. @calicoaster: ThanQQQ kimi..... :-)))

  4. @Rajesh Singh: ThanQ shona :-) :*

  5. @"If you have any 'look' requests then please feel free to comment below or mail me..and i'll see what i can do :-)".... MY LOOK... :D

  6. That's a simple but pretty look, Siri :) :) And the lipstick looks great on you!

  7. Hey the look is beautiful love your eyes

  8. @Rads: ThanQQQ radsooo... and ya another thanQQQ for ur giveaway! coz agar woh nahi hota to mere paas ye lipstick bhi nahi aaya hota :D :*

  9. @indian beauty central: ThanQQQ :-)

  10. Lovely look siri..U made it simple.I really want to give it a try now..Followed you. Do visit my blog too. I am having a Sigma giveaway. Plz do participate.

  11. Lovely... loved the gold e/s in the inner corners :)

  12. @Prachi: ThanQQQ try it :-)) and thanQ so much for following..sure :-)

  13. @mumbaimakeupdiary: ThanQQQ eesha :-))

  14. awesom as always siri.... :)


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