Monday, June 6, 2011

Silver & Black Smokey Eye Tut (Requested)

Hi girls.. :-)

A few days ago my friend Aksima misra wanted someone to do a look which she saw on an actress in a TV searial called "pyar ki ye ek kahani".Here is the reference picture that she posted on facebook..

This is what i came up with:

So here is the step by step photo tutorial on how i did this look:

Step 1: Apply an eyeshadow primer or base allover the eyelid and on lower lashline.

Step 2: Now take a shimmery/metallic greyish silver eyeshadow to 3/4th of the lid.Then take a matte black eyeshadow and apply it to the outer V.Bring that black shadow inwards towards the grey and blend them both togrther where they meet.Blend the black shadow in to the crease(If your eyes are large you can go all the way up to the inner corner of the crease or else take it only up 3/4th of the crease.)

Step 3: Apply the same silver eyeshadow to the inner corner and 1/4th of lowelashline and black to the remaining 3/4th.Apply a black kohl/eyeliner to both upper and lower waterline.For browbone area apply a little compact/loose powder or a matte eyeshadow close to your skintone to make it look clean and it also helps to blend out any harsh edges of the eyshadow above the crease.Then apply a black liquid/gel liner and line your upper lashline.Finally apply 2-3 coats of mascara and you're done! :-)

Apply a soft pink blush and a bubblegum pink lipstick or a pink lipstick that suits you.

Here is the finished look:

For fun i tried to imitate the expression on the actress's face! Hehehe :P :D

Products used:

       1) Coastal scents undercover HD foundation (mixed 12 and 3 shades)
       2) Ben nye banana visage poudre(to set the foundation)
       3) Pink blush from 10 blush palette.

      * Oriflame dual skin corrector in "medium" as eyeshadow base.(not photographed)
      4) Greyish silver eyeshadow from coastal scents 36 smokey palette.
      5) Matte black eyeshadow from coastal scents 36 smokey palette.
      *Ambikapillai liquidliner (not photographed)
      *Avon supershock mascara(not photographed)
      *Shahnaz hussain kajal.(not photographed)

      6) Avon glimmersticks lip liner in "nude"
      7) Bourjois lip liner in "rose precieux"
      8) Coastal scents smacks lipgloss in "pucker"
Hope you liked this tut Aksima.. :-)



  1. As usual,Very Beautiful Siri :))
    Siri, please can you do some tuts for new brides, I'll save them for future & do :))

  2. Can you do a tut for drew barrymore's look in this picture i am attaching?!

    and please can you possibly use the coastal scents 88 palette?!

  3. Lovely look Sireesha!! You looking smoking hotttttttttt!! L:D :D <3 <3 <3

  4. very pretty siri...I love the way u line ur eyessss...:)))

  5. soo pretty siri.... very clean and very well done. . . come to mumbai n do makeup on ma face too . . . :) :)

  6. @Zestful Uzma: Thankooo uzma... :-)) i defenitely will do them re..i have so many pending posts right once i post them i'll do the looks :-) :*

  7. @Fathima Abdul Kader: I will def do the look fathima.. Which 88 palette fathima? matte? ultra shimmer? or the metal mania one? let me know :-) (i don't have the matte one.I own the remaining ones)

  8. @calicoaster: ThanQQQ kimi..... :D :* <3

  9. @bhumika: ThanQQQ bhumi... :-))

  10. @rids: Thankooo rids.... :-)) and i really wish i can come there and do your makeup..i so want to.. :* <3

  11. Actually i was talking about the matte one...but since you dont have the look with any palette/shadows you want...i will just adapt it using my matte palette..! :) :)

  12. Beautiful look Siri, you look gorgeous & those smoky grey eyes are to die for ;)

  13. @EVE-O-LUTION: ThanQQQ bee... :-))

  14. @Fathima Abdul Kader: Okie fathima :-))

  15. @indian beauty central: ThanQQQ so much dear :D :*

  16. ThanQQQ nidhi :-))

  17. Hey good job! Your eyes look lovely!

  18. @My Take on Fashion and Beauty: ThanQQQ :-))

  19. nicely done ♥

  20. Perfect!!! :) I guess its even better than the original one :P

    thank u so much! ^_^

  21. @Akshima: OMG! Really!! ThanQQQ so so sooo much akshima :-)) :*

  22. @Glamorous Barbie ♥: ThanQQ :-))

  23. hi Siri....
    i just love ur eyes..
    i want to request one FOTD .. please do it for me asap.. actually we r celebrating my Babyshower on 15th aug 11(hardly aftr 12 days.. ). for which I m going to wear green net saree.. I m new to makeup.n want subtle look for the day.. will u please help me???


  24. @tejaswini: Hi tejaswini :) ThanQ for your sweet words. But i'm so sorry..i can not do you look :( Because i'm moving to a new place and i have to surrender my net connection either tomorrow or day after.And i don't know when i'll be able to get the connection back.So i can not do the look for you.I'm really sorry :( but i can suggest you some of my blog friends who can do the look for you.

    You may request these bloggers:
    1)ankita from
    2)deeptima from


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