Monday, June 13, 2011

Contest Alert and My Entry: IMBB $300 International Eye Makeup Queen Contest

Hi friends.. :-)

A few days ago my favourite IMBB(Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog) announced the Fabulous 'IMBB $300 International Eye Makeup Queen Contest’!

All you have to do to enter this contest is: create a wearable makeup look! Yes! that's it! And if you win the contest you are going to get $300 (13500/-) as a prize money!!! What are you waiting for? Go grab your brushes and put the makeup queen in you to work! please make sure that you enter before 25th of this HERE for more information and rules & regulations of the contest.

I was so excited and entered this contest! yayyy! and here is my contest entry:

Please click HERE to "LIKE" "TWEET" "DIGG" & "SUBMIT" my contest entry.If you are voting for my entry then please do it before 25th June 2011.



  1. Voted. I hope you won. :-) All the best..

    Visit me at

  2. ThanQQQ sooo much prachi.. :-)) :*

  3. Tweeted! simple and elegant! Hope u win :) good luck!

  4. @Dre@mer...!!!: ThanQQQ soooo much Dre@mer :-)) :*

  5. That looks so great! That's definitely something I want to look into doing. :)

  6. OMG!Thanks a looooootttttt kylie :)) You really made my day *yahoo* :D


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